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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: April 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Trying Potatoes.. AGAIN!

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     After killing almost every potato bucket we have ever tried growing and having last years ground potatoes washed out from under the ground from a flood, we have decided to try again. Yes, we may be a glutton for punishment, but we eat a lot of potatoes! 
     We went to a local feed store, bought Red Seed Potatoes, cut them so each piece had an eye, let them dry for a couple of days. We made deep trenches in the garden and laid the potatoes about 6 inches apart along the bottom of the trench row. We only covered them with a few inches of dirt. When they started to grow and leaves started to show, we would pull a few inches of dirt over them from the side of trench. In a couple of days, when the leaves would pop through the dirt again, we would cover them a little more. Finally, all the dirt from the trench side was mounded up on top of plants. I plan to do it one more time. That way it insures my plants run deep and we hopefully will get more tators this way! Hopefully.. 
     Sorry we didn't get any pictures of the process, I just didn't think to blog about this until I saw they were doing so well. We also have volunteer potato plants popping up all over the garden from the skins of potatoes we have eaten and put into the compost. The compost was tilled into the garden this year. Apparently, it was not all composted. Hubby surprised me for Valentine's Day with a freshly tilled garden! <3 Best present ever! I am going to let the volunteer plants stay where they are and grow through out the garden. Hopefully we will get some Russet Potatoes as well. 

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     Do you grow potatoes? In the ground? In a bucket? Hay bails? Let us know how it turned out for you, or perhaps how we can NOT manage to kill them again! ;) We love your comments! 

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