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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: A Day With The Boys

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Day With The Boys

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     My nephews came over today. The boys are 5 and 3. They love coming over to Aunt May's House. I had forgotten to set my alarm, so I was awoken by the sound of knocking on the door. I am barely coherent until I have had at least one cup of coffee. As soon as my sister left, I was bombarded with questions of 'Have you feed the animals yet?' 'Can we go feed the animals now?' o.O 'Hold on boys, let me get a cup of coffee first.' I had not even had time to stir my spoon in the cup before they were asking me again... I downed half a cup and went looking for my shoes. We went out side to get the feed, me in my pjs and all. 
     The oldest is full of questions, 'Why do you put your feed in there?', 'Why do you feed them that?' 
     The youngest stares my over grown pig/dog down suspiciously. 'He is a nice pig. right?' He asks me this question more like he is stating a fact. Almost as if he is trying to convince himself. 
     On to the chicken coop. 'Why you have to hook that thing to the door?' 
     'We hook it open to keep it from slamming shut on the chickens just in case we get some wind.' 
     'Why you feed them like that?' 
     'So they do not fight over it and they all get some.'
     'Can I feed the bunnies?'
     'You sure can." 
     On to the bunny pen. 'Why does that bunny have red eyes?' 
     'Why does that bunny run away?'
     'Do they like it in here?' 
     'Can I pet them?' 
     My nephews ask questions faster than I can answer. 
     I finally get a word in and ask them, 'Why do YOU think?'
     'God made him that way.'
     'I think that bunny thinks we are crazy!'
     'I think they like it in here, there is lots of room to run around and hop and stuff!'
     Now on to the garden. 'Are we going to get to pick some vegetables out of the garden today?'
     'Let's see if we can find something.' 
     Just one zucchini and one cucumber is ready to pick. The oldest gets to hold them both because the younger decides to ask questions about to cherry tomatoes. I take one off of the plant and offer it to him. He looks at me like I have lost my mind. So I pop it into my mouth. Both boys say 'EWWWW!' and laugh. They both like tomatoes. They are funny boys though. 
     We went back to the house. Breakfast, movies and hide and seek until lunch time. We have a picnic lunch outside in the front yard under the tree. 
     After lunch, and a whole lot more coffee for me, we went outside again. This time my daughter is with us. 'What you doing Aunt May?' 
     'I am going to get the shovel and the rake so I can clean out the chicken and rabbit pens.' The younger one takes my hand and walks with me, 'I go with you!' I open the gate and start walking to the back shed. The older boy runs to catch up, 'I want to help too!' With three kids in tow, I get out the rake and shovel. My daughter gets the tote we use to gather and carry the poo in. One boy gets the shovel, the other the rake. 
     We clean the chicken coop first. 
     In the laying basket is an egg. 'Guess what I found?' I ask the older one. His eyes lit up. 'An EGG!' He gets the egg out of the basket. His first egg ever! His smile stretches from ear to ear! The little one insists on raking out the coop all by himself. The chickens come back in the coop, thinking they will get a treat, my little nephew runs out. My daughter is now in charge of raking out the chicken coop. The little one works hard at shoveling the old hay and poo into the tote. 
     The oldest boy is petting the feeder pig. 'Why you name him Pork Chop? Are you going to eat him?'
     'But why?'
     'Do you like bacon?'
     'Pork chops?' 
     'Sometimes I eat them.'
     'I love ham!'
     'Well then, that's why!'
     We talk about eating chickens as well. Both boys agree chicken nuggets and chicken stew is 'Yummy!'         
     Time to clean the rabbit's pen. The older one decides its his turn to use the shovel. The little one rakes. I take the chicken poo/hay over to the garden. My daughter pets the bunnies, then starts to gather leaves that have already fallen from our trees. The rabbit pen is clean. We all fill up the pens with fresh hay. After making sure the rabbit pen is securely closed. We take the rabbit poo to the garden. As we walk I tell them, 'You can eat rabbits too.' 
The older one is full of questions, 'Is it good?' 'How you cook it?' 
'I have never tried it before, but after we get more rabbits, I am going to try some. I think fried like chicken will be good' 
'Can I try?'
'Sure buddy.' 
     This is a strange request from such a picky eating child. 
     We spread the rabbit poo around the garden. The boy's noses squench up. "Why you put it in your garden?' 'Because it is like vitamins to the plants. They grow bigger and stronger and make more veggies.' They are both satisfied with this answer. Done for the day. 
     After washing up, we are all rewarded with ice cream cones. After a little quiet time, they spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Uncle Mike and Zoey outside. Right before their mom got there, I had them come in and wash up again. When my sister got there, I told the boys, 'Tell your mommy what we did today!'
     Their answer, 'Nothing...' 

  Man I love these kids!