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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Very Proud Mommy Moment

Friday, October 24, 2014

Very Proud Mommy Moment

     Very proud mommy moment. For months my daughter has spent time making a Barbie Doll House Diorama made from mostly recycled materials. She gets a lot of her inspiration from My Froggy Stuff. It is a mom and daughter duo that has the slogan "Happy Crafting!" If you would like to get your child's imagination juices flowing, I would definitely check out their blog and YouTube videos!
     Not all of her inspiration comes from what she has seen, however. My child has always had an amazing artistic ability, even back in toddler days. So while most of my friends and family were hiding the markers and scissors, I was buying her paints, drawing kits, glue and craft items. The ONLY time we have ever had a problem with her using any of her supplies, was when she was 3. I told her she could decorate her room with all of her artwork and gave her a bunch of push pins to hang her masterpieces on her walls. Unfortunately, I did not give her enough. When I went in to see her finished room, I noticed several of the pictures did not have push pins holding them up. "Don't worry mommy, I used clear glue. You wont even see it when I take them down!" Uhhh.... Okay... valid reasoning, but NO!
     Every time she was tested in public school, her artistic/spacial reasoning was off of the charts. Teachers and parents have brought me her art work and said how amazing it is. When we are at my job during the day and they are doing a fun craft project, her eyes grow big and her fingers twitch like Dennis the Menace until she is allowed to do it too. This child is an artistic, crafting fanatic! The more I step back and let her do on her own, the better the outcome! Even when she does cookie cutter projects (everyone cuts out the same shapes, glues in the places, and everyone's project comes out the same,) there is always something... special and different about hers.
     She designs her own line of clothing she will one day grow up to make. I have seen her turn water bottle caps inside out with her teeth to create the cutest little bowls for her dolls. She created her own line of doll bedding I sell in my Etsy shop. My daughter has her own sewing machine. Countless times I have found her on her bed pausing her t.v. so she can draw what is on the screen frame by frame. She is amazing.
     Today, she entered her doll house diorama in the Creative Arts Competition at our local county fall festival. I have never seen her so nervous! They closed the exhibit from 10-1 for judging. Every 10 minutes I heard, "Is it 1 yet?" We were going nuts waiting to see if she won a ribbon! I even had my sons friend watch our booth for us so I could go with her. When we got to the conference hall where the competition was being held, the doors were still closed. We waited out side in the hall, our stomachs flip flopping in excitement! Through the tiny windows on the conference room door, we could see her project sitting on one of the display tables. Suddenly, my daughter grabbed my arm tight. "Mommy, look! There is a big purple ribbon in front of my doll house!" She quietly squealed as they opened the doors. BEST IN SHOW for her division! That's MY baby girl! Proud Momma right here! :)

Jar of carrots she made out of a used water bottle and some craft foam.