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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: A Very Merry 'Prepper' Christmas

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Very Merry 'Prepper' Christmas

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     It has been A Very Merry 'Prepper' Christmas for us! My hubby got us both Timber Hawk camo backpacks, a Camillus Spade/pick and Camping Hatchet combo kit and we both got our own tool sets. I got a pair of jumper cables from him as well and then my mom got us a Presto 16 qt Pressure Canner. 
     It has been a debate in our house on whether or not us girls would replace the old backpacks we had been using for our G.O.O.D. bags with good sturdy camouflage backpacks. On one hand, the backpacks are well used and a bit flashy. On the other hand, who would suspect we knew what we were doing with some girly cute backpacks. In an emergency situation, hiking and military packs are going to be a 'red flag' we have got some goodies! Debate has been decided since Hubby got us these. Zoey has already transferred over her gear into the new packs. They have lots of pockets and zippers and cool spaces to store all of your big and small gear. There is also padding for back support and buckles to go around your waist and chest. I'm going to help her repack the bag because she found it is a lot heavier to carry than her old G.O.O.D. Bag. You can read more about my daughter's OLD Get Out Of Dodge bag HERE. 
     Why tools and jumper cables? Well, when I went to go fix my son's Blazer, I realized I had no tools in my truck, (luckily he had his) and the jumper cables in my truck won't jump off anything! I mean, why on Earth do I even have these jumper cables if they don't even work? Sheesh! Wasted space in my truck, as far as I am concerned! The cables came in a little bag with a pair of no slip grip gloves and a pair of safety goggles. Zoey likes to build stuff, and when she heard me talking about needing a tool kit for my truck, she chimed in she needed tools as well. No more borrowing Daddy's hammer for her! We got different kits and we are both very happy with them. Mine are a little bit geared to home rather than a vehicle, but that is easily fixed. Really, all I need is a good socket and wrench set and I will be good to go! I think they will fit into my little tool bag along with the other tools.
     The spade set has a compass on the bottom of the handle. The handle also unscrews so you can put stuff in it. It is tri folding so you can use it as a spade, a pick, or just the poker part of the pick axe. Zoey keeps calling the hatchet a 'Tomahawk.' I decided we needed to do some research on the subject, and found THIS article. Turns out, we were both right. I told her we were going to go out and chop some wood soon. She is excited. We just need to find out from the hubby, where we can chop. He is a bit particular about his land and knows every little tree and bush.  We don't want to get in trouble for chopping down the wrong ones! :D 

     Do you see our little tree behind all the gifts? Our tree is only about 3 ft. tall. Our living room area in the house is very small. The only place we have for a tree is between the front door and the bathroom door. We don't mind having a little tree. It is quite homey. 
     We are both really excited about the Presto 16 qt Pressure Canner. Since Christmas, Zoey and I have thrown around ideas on what we will can first. I think we have decided on pinto beans and ham. We have a lot of pinto beans, and we have a lot of extra ham left over from our Christmas dinner. Now we need some jars! 

We will share all of our new adventures with our new Christmas presents in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

So how about you? Did you have a Very Merry 'Prepper' Christmas? What did you get? 

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