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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: (Not So) Wordless Wednesday #4

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday #4

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     Out of 9 hens of laying age, we are getting about 4-6 eggs a day. Not so bad considering that is a couple of dozen a week. We eat a lot of eggs, but not that many! I was thinking about selling some to local friends to help off set the cost of feed and maybe make a little profit. 
     Today, Zoey and I are taking our old planting pots and emptying the dirt into one large bucket. Then, we are adding in some new dirt, fertilizer, sand and compost in to aerate it and freshen up the old dirt from last season. I decided we needed some more pots to plant in. Zoey and I walked out to the back garage to get the pots from out of the loft. As I am standing on top of the back of my husband's old Chevy Truck bed, looking around for what is easiest to grab, I see this.... 
Seriously Chickens? 
     Seriously? Guess how many there are? 22. Nearly two dozen eggs hiding in an old pet carrier. They all appear to be from the same chicken. 22 days worth of perfectly good eggs that now might be wasted. Time to do the float test. Please... 
Click the Pic to read how to test your eggs
and see how fresh they are! 

     Out of 22 eggs, only 10 were salvageable. None of them actually floated, but several where standing on end in the water. We have plenty of eggs in the fridge already, so I will feed the eggs we are not sure about to the new pig we have. We will still get use out of them so it is not too bad of a find. :) 
     We have set up the pet carrier where it will be a little bit easier to see into. If she lays there again.. we will find them! 

Do you raise chickens? 
What is the craziest place you have found eggs?

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