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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Pledging To Help The Monarch Butterflies

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pledging To Help The Monarch Butterflies

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     A fellow blogger friend over at the 104 Homestead recently posted about her family taking the pledge to help Monarch Butterflies. I knew immediately, it was something Zoey and I would be interested in doing as well. As it was, Zoey spent most of winter on my Pinterest, pinning ideas for a Fairy/Butterfly Garden. Zoey is super excited to be getting the Monarch Butterfly Starter Kit provided by The National Wildlife Federation

     So how do you help Monarch Butterflies? By growing a butterfly habitat! We are going to use the area in our yard that is my wild flower garden. (Okay, so I had TRIED to get a wild flower garden going.  Every year I would sow seeds, and every year, the grass would choke out the plants.) And another spot over on the side of our property that I know will remain undisturbed. Butterflies love milkweed and it is their main source of food in the larva stage. We will also be planting some of the flowers from this list I found. Some of the plants will serve dual purposes as they are medicinal and butterflies and bees love them as well. Win, Win for all! 

We can't wait to get started on our Butterfly Garden! 

You too can take the pledge and build your own Monarch Butterfly Habitat at http://www.nwf.org/Butterfly-Heroes/Pledge.aspx

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