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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Potato Bucket FAIL

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Potato Bucket FAIL

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     Yes, I said, "FAIL." But I am not sure of the reason why. One day my potato plant is growing like a weed. The next it is dying off rapidly. 
From this... To this... 
In just a matter of days.
     So what happened? Like I said, I am not sure. However, I have some suspicions.. The day after I took the first picture, we had some very lovely overcast 70 degree weather. Of course I put my bucket outside so make sure it got some sun, and not just the light from the garage. It was only out for a few hours, but I might have shocked it. THEN, after I brought it inside, I used some left of fertilized water that I was using for my other plants. Maybe the combo of the outside time, and the shock of fertilized water? 
    After it started dying, we continued to keep it indoors in it's usual home and water it. We were hoping it would get over it's shock and continue to grow. After a month, there was still nothing... Time to dump the bucket and look to see what happened. 

     Nothing but some potato shells, unidentified seedlings, and a new wormie friend. FAIL! I don't think it is a 'Bucket In The Garage' fail, but a simple Human Error Fail. Another Ooops! We refuse to be discouraged. We still have a box of red potatoes trying to grow under the kitchen counter. We started over on our Potato Bucket Experiment
    This time, it will be left outside as much as possible. We are scheduled for some beautiful 70 degree weather by this weekend and the nice weather should stay until the end of this month. Then another cold spell is expected. We can't wait to start our outdoor garden. I guess prepping the garden area and starting some seeds indoors will have to curb our Spring Fever for now! I have also been looking into buying a Survival Seed Vault like this one, instead of or in addition to this smaller one I have been eyeing! I really like them both. 

Will you be growing a garden this year? 
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