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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Vehicle Preparedness

Monday, May 11, 2015

Vehicle Preparedness

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      As you know, we have our G.O.O.D. bags. They are packed and ready just in case we need to get out of our home quickly and efficiently. But what if we are not at home? If I am not at home, I am at my work or I at least am near my Tahoe. Disasters strike when you least expect them. I always try to be prepared for those unexpected times. 
     What if my car breaks down when we are far from home? It has happened before... Late one night my husband and I were traveling home from out of town. My truck started to overheat. We ended up stranded on the side of the road. It was so late and we were still so far out, we did not want to call anyone. AND we are way to frugal to call a tow truck. We used the extra blankets in the back to snuggle up with and called someone in the morning. 
     Since I live in Texas, there have been a few times we have been at the school, hunkered down in the hall ways, on our knees, praying a tornado does not come. But what if one did? Although the school has preparations in place, I will still have to travel home at some point. 
     Ever been at the ball field or park and suddenly find yourself in need of a medical kit for a scrape or cut? A couple of weeks ago, Zoey was playing with her little cousin and stepped onto a metal spike (OUCH!) and it went through her shoe. Quick trip to the truck for some disinfecting and a bandage.. and she was off and running again! (Okay, so she was hobbling, but she did not let it stop her.)
     When I got the call about my husband being in the hospital after the accident, I went to my truck and grabbed out what I knew I would need at the hospital. Ibuprofen and my allergy medicineChap stick, lotion, snack bars, and my 'rainy day' money. But, those are a just a few items I keep in my truck. 

So what else do I keep in my truck? 

     This is the back of my truck. Is it always this clean? Not necessarily.. I haul feed and hay in this thing. I did spend some time last week getting all the nasty out and vacuuming it. I also went though my prep bags and made sure everything was put back in order. We actually use all of these things quite often. The booster seats are for when I get my nephews. (Got to be prepared for that!) Zoey's soft ball backpack and bat are in the back as well. If we have to try to get home on foot, her bag can be easily emptied and items from the back of the truck put into it. The bat can be used for self defense. I have a little black tool kit and jumper cables.  

Did you notice the red and white bags? They are insulated bags I got a while back for FREE! One has blankets and a tarp in it. The other is my emergency food bag. There is a gallon baggie with plates, napkins, and a few of those take out fork, spoon, and knife sets. I keep a jar of peanut butter, a couple packages of crackers, some snack bars, dried cranberries and pretzels. I added a plastic jar of instant rice with a left over packet of chicken seasoning stored at the top. The seasoning was left over from a ramen noodles packet. I also put some take out condiments in it. Soy sauce, honey, and ketchup! Cause you never know when you will catch a squirrel when you are stranded. 

     My tool box is not a tool box. It is my medical kit. It's okay, still working on it. But it has most of the essentials. Today I reorganized it and even added some feminine pads. Along with the normal stuff, there is also juice boxes, snack bars, a book, CPR mask, 2 sunburn relief gels (one with lidocaine), and toilet paper. I like my tool box, but I think if I get another one, it will be like THIS. How much cooler would that be? Do you have a mini med kit in your vehicle? What is it stored in? What's in it?

     That is pretty much a mini run down on what I keep in my truck. I use all of my kits often for a variety of reasons and they are there when ever I need them. 

What are some reasons you need to pack a few "Get Home" items? We <3 your comments! 

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