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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Calm After The Storm

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Calm After The Storm

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Photo credit goes to my Amazingly Awesome Neighbor, Bree.

   I hear my town was on the news for last night's storm damage. My son happened to be in town when it hit. He is 19 and had rode to town with me earlier to go to his friends house. I had to come back a few hours later and would just pick him up then. Hey, saves gas!  As soon as the worst of it was over, I went to go get him. So many downed large trees in the streets, I had to detour several times just to get to his friends house. 
The little seasonal creek. On the other side is land. You can see the walk bridge behind the bush on the right. The water is washing over the bridge. 

The road in front of our house. This is where the main creek starts to enter our property before converging with the little seasonal creek that runs through our property.

Next day aftermath. A tree had come down, completely across the road. We could hear them cutting it up to move off the road. 

You would not believe the actual size of this trunk. If my husband and I tried to reach around it, our fingertips would barely meet.

     There are also trees down all over around my property and on our neighbors. The wind we got last night just pushed many right over. Healthy trees, falling because the ground is so saturated the roots have nothing to hold on to.  Roads are flooding over. Although the rain is a blessing to our drought ridden state, we have had more than enough in a very short period of time.  
     When the wind and rain came in, the electric went out nearly immediately. My husband had been watching the weather channel all day and had warned me of the severe storms coming in. We were prepared. 
     While others in town were scrambling for dinner and candles, my family ate a pork roast that had been slow cooking since that morning. We ate in the garage with the big door open for light and watched the rest of the lightening storm go by. We played cards there until we could not see anymore, came inside and lit my oil lamps
     We got in a discussion about our G.O.O.D. bags and my daughter got hers out. We organized it and changed out her clothes. We all talked, laughed, and told stories. I drank coffee that I had made right before the storm hit. (I have to have my nightly coffee!) It stayed warm by our tuna can burner. When we were ready for bed, I brought in our out door solar garden lights so we could see just enough to not stumble around in the dark. 
     The electric came on right before midnight. It had been off for 8 hours. I did not worry about the food in the fridge or freezer. We keep large jugs of frozen water in my big freezer just for these times. I pulled a few out and placed them in my refrigerator and freezer compartments. It helped to keep everything cool and frozen. I'll write more on that another time. 
     So that was our night. While being prepared does not keep things from happening at your house, it sure does make the aftermath a bit more pleasant.

Praying for all those that were affected by this storm all over Texas and the U.S.. 

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