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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Catching Crawdads

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Catching Crawdads

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     We were finishing up in the garden the other day, when Zoey decided she wanted to go walking with her dad. He always walks our property once or twice a day. I told her to go ahead while I dumped our buckets filled with garden weeds into the compost bin. I could hear them talking over by the creek, but, when I turned back around, Zoey was no where to be seen. Mike was pointing into the creek, and I could hear Zoey's excited squeal. What on Earth is she doing down in the creek? 
No it does not look like this anymore.
It is back to being a trickle with sides that are 6 foot high.

Like this... 
     This is what we are used to our creek looking like in spring. It is just a run off tributary that empties into the larger creek. Even it does not hold water all through out the summer months. 
     So what is Zoey doing down in the creek? Crawdad fishing! My hubby had spotted a few little ones while they were walking around. Zoey jumped in to see if she could catch a few. She called for me to come down. At first I said I would not come down into the creek and play in the mud! Then I thought about it.. Play in the mud for a bit? Why not? Off came my shoes, and I climbed down the embankment.      

She caught one with a bottle and another one with her hands. I actually grabbed the second crawdad up with my hands first. I have to admit, I freaked out a little and tried to sling it into the bucket. It missed and went floating down the creek back towards Zoey. She caught it and managed to make it into the bucket even though she was freaking out the whole time as well. :)
Can you see the crawdad?

Sitting on the bridge, talking about me freaking out when I touched it.
She admitted she was scared as well. 

No, Zoey, we can not keep them... 
Brother came home from work and walked down to see what all the fuss was about. 
He showed us there was nothing to be afraid of when holding it.
EEEKKKK! Get it away from me! 
See, it doesn't hurt. Just freaks you out at first! 

     Zoey and I got back in the creek to look for more. I'm sure us running around and splashing scared all the rest off. Did we eat them? NO! Not only were they too small, they are gross! (Okay, so I have never tried them, they just seem gross to me. Several of my friends say I am crazy and they are amazing, but I just... no... no thank you!) Our favorite Chinese restaurant serves them on their buffet. Alex loves them, I think Zoey has eaten them, but I just can not bring myself to try them.
     I guess in a survivalist situation, we at least know where another source of food is, right on our own property. Cool fact I read about is that they can not live in polluted water. If you see crawdads, you know the water is safer than most. Although, Wikipedia says there is a hardier species that can withstand more pollution than the others. You can read more about crawdads HERE. 

Crawdads? Crayfish? Crawfish? What do you call them? We love your comments!

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