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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: And here I go!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

And here I go!

   This post has a link to my Etsy Shop

      As if I don't have enough in my busy schedule... I have decided to start a blog! I guess it is part of the job of being a parent, a human perhaps, to try to squeeze 30 hours out of a 24 hour day. Never enough hours. I went from working a full time job, to part time after deciding to homeschool my children. If you don't homeschool, you are either thinking I am nuts, or one lucky momma! I consider myself lucky! I love being with my children all day. However, this is not about being lucky (or nuts for that matter, because honestly, I think i am a little of BOTH!) this has to do with not having enough hours in the day, and adding more to a busy schedule. So back to my story..
    My main paying job is working in childcare. I am the assistant director at a local christian preschool. Although I only work roughly 24 hours in 2 and a half days, I am getting in a 40 hour work week. If I don't get my job done in the office, there is usually no one else to take up the slack. It is one of the most stressful and rewarding jobs I have ever done. I love my job, but my children need to come first at this time.
     When I went from full time to part time, I had to have a sit down with my children, (then 17 and 9) and tell them our homeschooling journey would have to start with us being more frugal, not eating just to eat, and being on a budget for EVERYTHING! My 9 year old piped in and said, "If we need more food, why don't we start a garden?' Brilliant! I love gardening! I would love to pass down my love of gardening to my children. It was fall, so we researched winter gardening, and started an indoor tomato plant. Baby steps!   Then after a series of talks with my husband and a generous donation of FFA show chickens, we now had meat chickens to add to our homeschool routine. A pig was added shortly after that by trading a few personalized shirts. More chickens from the hatchlings our Pre-K teacher has every year for the children at our school. We ended up with 2 lionhead rabbit does after an odd turn of events. Having a mini farm is a lot harder and more time consuming than we could have ever imagined. There are feedings twice daily, mucking out pens, building pens, free ranging time, research, upkeep, trips to the co-op, and loving on the animals. Again, extremely rewarding.
         We are working towards becoming more self sufficient. Researching ways to recycle, reuse, and repurpose (let's face it, loosing the income was becoming an issue) planning the spring garden, stocking up on emergency supplies, and researching school curriculum topics (I let them choose their own themes) all became part of our daily homeschool. One of my new passions is learning about wild edibles and medicinal herbs. I want to get my family away from chemicals and toxins we put in our bodies on a daily basis.
     On top of all this, I have my own online personalized children's boutique. Not only do I make all of my product, I also manage the Etsy shop I sell on and a facebook fan page for it. Speaking of facebook, I admin on about 5 groups on there as well.
     So let's recap: pt job, homeschool, homesteading, handmade online business, learning about wildcrafting, gardening, farming and now BLOGGING! 

Hello world, I am Kamay!