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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Cooking Lesson Turned Anatomy Lesson

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cooking Lesson Turned Anatomy Lesson

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Completely unexpected! 

     My daughter had been bugging me to make "little turkeys" (Cornish Hens) for a while now. I figured, why not? She needs to know what a real chicken looks like whole. Thought this could be the first step in learning to cut up a full sized chicken. 

     Yes, of course we made the little hens dance. :) 

     Zoey prepared them by covering them up with a whole lot of butter. Then, we covered them in foil and cooked our hens to perfection. She gobbled it all up! (No pun intended) The whole time she was eating, she was also asking questions about the different parts of the hens. Through out the whole entire meal! She found the breast bone with the cartilage and the bone attached together and gave me a crazy look. I explained the soft wiggly stuff was cartilage, just like on the tip of her nose and the roundness of her ears. She felt the bone part of her nose and how it came down to the softer part. For a moment, she looked very thoughtful. Then she said, "Hmmm... so that's why skeletons don't have ears!" 

Real life, hands on learning at it's best!     

Do you cook with your kids? We would love to hear

about your favorite kid friendly meals! 

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