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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Our Homeschool Classroom(s)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our Homeschool Classroom(s)

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     While I would love to say we have a huge room that we homeschool from, with lots of space and creativity pockets, I am sad to say our homeschool room is also my sewing room. Actually, I am not sad to say this. And it's really not a room, more like a foyer at the top of the stairs leading to my bedroom. It's tiny. Maybe a 9x12 with a big section taken away from that because of the opening of the stair well. However, I learned early on, it does not matter what the size of the classroom. A lot of homeschooling families I have talked to and have seen post about their homeschool rooms, don't even use an actual room. Homeschooling parents are resourceful and use what ever area their children are comfortable in. Living room, dining room, cabinets, cubbies, kids rooms, you name it! The only thing that matters is doing what is right for your family!
    In our 'room' my daughter and I work side by side. I have my computer, she has hers. While I sew and embroider, she works in workbooks and on worksheets, plays online educational games, researches the topics we are working on. We work well like this. I am right there if she needs my help, and she helps me as well. Space may be limited but we have everything we need right at our fingertips. Shelving was a major issue for us. We dug old milk crates out of the shed that had been given to me after a local business shut down. They are great for baskets, folders, supplies, books and knickknacks. This is our cozy comfortable concentration spot. 
     Since part of her curriculum is learning Homesteading/homemaking/survival skills we also have different classrooms as well!

                                        Like the kitchen,

the garage, 

and the great outdoors.

     I dream of a big lofty homeschool room with shelves upon shelves, rainbow baskets and trays, her glorious artwork adorning the walls and making everything bright and cheery. However, being the 'live within your means' type of family we are, I am sure my dreams are just that... dreams. But then, it never hurts to dream, right? So while I come up with plans for a room that does not exist, :) please go check out one of my favorite frugal homeschooling blogs and their dreamy homeschool room! 

 Treats by Tanya

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