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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Setting Up A Preparedness Group In Your Area

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Setting Up A Preparedness Group In Your Area

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    I really want to set up a preparedness group my area. Especially one that offers kid friendly get togethers and classes! Setting up a preparedness group can be a valuable resource for you.  Having a community means having back up when you need it. In case of emergency, you can't do everything on your own. You will need help. I am not good on hunting, but I can cook large meals, forage, garden, and preserve food. I may not be great on the medical side, but, I can teach, sew and Crochet. Think about all of the skills you are great with and can share with others. Now think about all of the skills others can share with you! My grandparents and their siblings had a community in the mountains. Each all chose their professions based on what would benefit the community. I love this idea. (No, I'm not talking about running for the hills and making a commune, but, knowing a bunch of like minded folks with different skill sets sounds nice to me.)
    I have been kicking around a few ideas on what kind of group classes that can be offered. Not all of them are 'kid friendly' but all of them would be good skills to learn. Not sure when I will be able to set up my own prepareness group any time soon. But, I have found a lot of people in my area that have the same interests as we do. I'm making friends. 
  1. CPR/ First Aid
  2. Join or start a Neighborhood Watch
  3. Check to see if your Local Ag Extension offers classes.
  4. Also try your local parks and wildlife centers
  5. Foraging classes 
  6. Master Gardener's like to put on presentations
  7. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Foods have in house demonstration parties. 
  8. You can do a group buy in to save money by buying bulk
  9. Prepping on a Budget would be a good class
  10. Couponing class put on by a local expert
  11. Herbal/medicinal speaker
  12. Bug Out Bag demo to see what others are packing
  13. Primitive skills/camping trip
  14. Self Defense Class- Most instructors will come to you
  15. Paint ball special ops team challenges (How fun would that be!)
  16. Sewing Basics- Fun for the whole family
  17. Creating fire in different situations- Everyone needs to know and practice this!
  18. Hiking with BOBs- Trust me... You need the practice!
  19. Dutch Oven cookout
  20. Old fashioned barn raising- or help someone build something else. Good practice or teaching experience. 
  21. Making homemade DIY items; Soap, laundry detergent, cleaners
  22. Essential Oil classes
  23. Local Nurse presentation
  24. Craft classes
  25. Hunting/Tracking lessons
  26. Water filtration/expert 
  27. Bow practice day
  28. Basics of distillation
  29. Agua ponics, hydroponics expert presentation and maybe even a field trip
  30. How Tos and Expert Demos: rocket stoves, waste oil demos,
  31. Butchering Techniques 
  32. Communications
  33. Trapping
  34. Emergency Shelter Build
  35. Brewing Homemade beer
  36. Various classes on food preservation- huge learning list here!
  37. Preserving with a food saver
  38. Pressure canning 
  39. Water bath canning
  40. Oven dehydrating
  41. Medication alternatives (Herbal and Medicinal/Pet)
  42. Prepping for pets
  43. Building a root cellar
  44. Cast iron cooking
  45. Home made bread baking
  46. Making apple cider vinegar and its uses
  47. DIY candles
  48. Knot basics
  49. First aid preps and buy in
  50. Meat preservation
  51. Greenhouse build
  52. Raised garden beds
  53. Composting
  54. Solar energy (I wonder if Home Depot or Lowes has an expert) 
     These are just a few of the classes or discussions I am interested in learning about. Do you have anything you would add to this list? 

Thank you to Alyssa over at The Bow Legged Cowboy for letting me pick her brain! 

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