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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Learning To Chop Wood

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Learning To Chop Wood

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     It is 38 degrees, and guess what my kid is doing? Learning to chop wood. One of the many 'prepper' goodies she got for Christmas was a camping hatchet. (She calls it her Tomahawk.) It is kind of like THIS ONE, just not as fancy. You can see the rest of what she got HERE
     She got a short lesson from daddy on how to chop wood, and I supervised. She wanted me to come out to watch her, but I could not stay outside for long. Not only am I not that crazy, (It's cold out there!) I also had to keep watch on the wood burner. We decided to use some of our preps to make pinto beans. Cooking them on the wood burning stove required me to keep the wood burning hot. So I was running in back and forth, but mostly, watching from the window. 
 I'm ready! 

     I know, she is so scary! She ended up moving out of the front yard and into the driveway for more stability. Zoey actually did a really good job. Once she learned how to chop is a smaller area, and turn the limb so she could chop on the other side, it took her no time to get the limb off of the branch piece. When she was finished, she handed me the wood and told me to go put it in the wood burner for the beans! 
      You can tell she is pretty excited to have chopped her first piece of wood. Once spring hits, we are going to see about chopping enough wood to build an emergency shelter. Hmmm... we will definitely have to research that! :D

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