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Homeschooling The Well Prepared Child: Catching Fire

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Catching Fire

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      It was a Very Merry 'Prepper' Christmas for Zoey and I. The Hubby got us camouflage back packs and kit that had a spade, hatchet and flint stick striker in it.  (The Flint Striker I have used for example is not the one we have, but it was the closest I could find. I think I am going to buy the one on Amazon and try it out. I have no plans to buy another spade and Hatchet kit, we just want extra flint strikers.) Since our New Years Resolution is to get out, learn and do more stuff, learning to use our flint sticks to create fire is on the top of our list.       
     A couple of our neighbors were over on New Year's Eve day. Zoey was showing them her new G.O.O.D. bag and goodies. They asked if Zoey knew how to use her new flint stick. We had not tested them out yet. We found out it is necessary to scrape the black coating off before you can get a spark. This coating protects the shiny ferrocerrium underneath. Once you get the black coating off, you need a lot of downwards pressure to get a good spark. Zoey was slapping it more than applying pressure while she slid it down the shaft. She refused to give up, and was soon making sparks like a pro. We allowed her to light some lint and create a small fire before Daddy stomped it out. (Oddly enough, he did this in socks!) You can see the video at the bottom of this post. Here are some pictures of her practicing with her fire stick.

     WOW! Look at that spark! We all took turns learning how to light the lint. Zoey and I both have pill bottles full of our dryer lint in an old pill bottle. We have put the flint sticks and the lint bottle in a small pocket on the sides of Our New G.O.O.D. bags. She also has a lighter. She has practiced being able to light a regular lighter as well. At first her fingers could not get it to work. Soon, we will also make EDC bags that will hold some lint bottles as well.

     In my bag I have 2 different flint sticks, a propane lighter and a regular lighter. My son and I bought the orange fire starter a while back while at a vendor event. He had no problems getting it to spark off when we bought it, but I had a hard time with it. I still have a hard time. I do not feel my thumb is strong enough to hold down the button that is required to get it to spark. My husband just tried it as well and came across the same problem. I personally like the red and black one that I got for Christmas. It has a compass on it, too! 

Ready to see the video? The Guy that sounds like 'Mator' is our neighbor from the corner, and the girl that 'Got it all video' is our Amazingly Awesome Bree! Enjoy our holiday silliness.

What kind of fire starting implements do you have?

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